Schedule Outlook 2003 or 2007 PST backups with Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool.

In a previous article we explained how to manually make a backup copy of your Outlook Data files in another location on your computer. By reading this article you will learn how to automate the Outlook backup procedure, so you‘ll always have an updated backup copy of your Outlook data, without having to remember to do it manually. 

To automate the Outlook backup procedure we use Microsoft’s “Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool”.

The weird thing with this tool is that even though it works perfectly if you are using Office 2003 or 2007 version, it does not work at all (fails to install) if you are using Outlook 2010. In order to use this tool in Office 2010, you must first have installed it in previous Outlook versions (2003 or 2007) and then upgrade to Outlook 2010.

To automate (schedule) Outlook personal folders backup procedure in Outlook 2003 or 2007, use the steps bellow:

How to Schedule Backup Outlook 2003 or 2007 Personal folders

Step 1. Download and Install Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool.

You can download and InstallMicrosoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool” from here:

1. Choose the installer language and then click “Download


2. Choose “Run” to install “pfbackup.exe” utility now or “Save” it to your computer for later installation.


3. Answer “Yes” to “User Account Control (UAC)” warning window.


4. In “Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup Setup” wizard window press “Next


5. Accept the “License Agreement” and press “Next” to continue.


6. Press “Next” again, to start installation.


7. When installation is completed, press “Finish”.

Step 2: Configure “Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup tool” options.

First you have to configure “MS Outlook Backup tool” settings:

1. Start “Outlook”.

2. From the “File” menu, choose “Backup”.



3. At “Outlook Personal Folders Backup” tool (window) choose “Options”.


4. Outlook Backup tool Options:

4a. First you must specify how often the tool reminds you to backup your Outlook Personal Folders.

(e.g. you can schedule to perform an Outlook backup every “3” days)


4b. Then you must choose which personal folders to backup. (e.g. Personal Folders).


4c. Press “Browse” to specify the location (where the Outlook files will be backed up to, e.g. “My Documents”) and the Outlook Backup file name. (e.g. Outlook backup.pst).



4d. Press “OK” to close “Backup Options” window.


4e. Finally press “Save Backup” button to make your first backup.


4f. Press “OK” and close “Outlook” application to start the Outlook backup operation immediately.

After backup operation is completed, you can navigate to the location where you choose to save you Outlook backup files (e.g. My Documents) and you should see your Outlook backup file there (e.g. Outlook backup.pst).


You can restore or open your Outlook data backup file (e.g. Outlook backup.pst) any time you need it by using the instructions at this article: How to properly Restore or Open Outlook pst files.

Caution: From now on, every three (3) days you should see a reminder window (see screenshot bellow) asking to backup your Outlook files, as you have already configured in the reminder settings (in 4a).

Just press “Save Backup” button to keep you Outlook backup updated.


That’s it!

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