How to get back to life an IBM Lenovo laptop. (IBM laptop won’t turn on – Solved).

Last week, one of our customers brought to our service an old IBM ThinkPad T41 laptop, that won’t start (turn on). As the customer said, the above problem occurred with no obvious reason (e.g. after drop, liquid throw, etc.). In such cases, the problem usually is a power supply issue (e.g. a bad power supply or a damaged charging circuit) or the laptop’s mainboard is dead. But if you own a dead IBM Lenovo laptop and, before going to a laptop service to resolve your problem, you can try to troubleshoot laptop power issues by following the detailed instructions in this tutorial.



Before proceeding to troubleshoot power issues using the steps below, first make sure that:

1. Your laptop is properly connected to an active power source.
2. The power cord doesn't have any damages.
3. The battery is properly installed.


How to bring a dead IBM (Lenovo) ThinkPad laptop back to life.


Step 1: Turn On your laptop without battery.

1. Remove the battery.

2. Press the power button to turn on your laptop.

3. If your laptop powers up normally, then shut down your computer and put the battery back. (Otherwise continue to Step 2.)

4. Power On your laptop and see if it works normally with the battery connected. If not, then you have to replace your battery or you can work without it.


Step 2. Remove all peripherals and resolve hibernation problems.

1. Remove the battery and the power cord.

2. Disconnect all connected devices and peripherals (USB discs, keyboard, mouse, printers, etc.).

3. Push and hold down the Power Button for 45-50 seconds to resolve hibernation problems (reset hibernation state).

4. Reconnect the power cord and the battery.

5. Now press the power button once and see if your laptop turns on normally. If not, go to Step 3.


Step 3. Perform a static discharge on your IBM Lenovo laptop.

1. Remove the battery, the power cord and all connected peripherals.

2. Push the power button ten (10) times in a row at one second interval.

3. Now push and hold down the power button for thirty (30) seconds.

4. Then reconnect the battery and the power cord.

5. Finally press the power button once and see if your laptop turns on normally.


If you follow the above steps and  you still have no luck in getting your Lenovo laptop back to life, then you have to go to an expert laptop service to resolve your problem.

Good luck!

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