How to Delete Google Account Permanently.

Last updated on November 4th, 2019

In this tutorial you 'll find step by step instructions on how to permanently delete your Google Account. If you have previously setup a Gmail account and you don't want to use it anymore, then you can delete your Google Account by following the instructions below.

How to Permanently Delete your Google GMail Account.

To permanently delete a Google Account and its associated services (Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, etc.):

1. Login to the Google Account that you want to delete.
2. Then at your Google account home page, select Data & personalization at the left.

How to Delete Google Account Permanently

3. At 'Download, delete or make a plan for your data' section, click Download your data, if you want to create a local backup of your Google data, otherwise continue to step-7.

download google data

4. Select the Google data that you want to download and click Next step.


5. Then select the Delivery method (Send download link via email, Add to Drive, Add to Dropbox, Add to OneDrive) and the 'File type' of the backup file (e.g. ".zip") and then click Create archive.


6. When the archive process is complete you 'll receive an email from Google with subject "Your Google data archive is ready". Open that email and click Download archive to save the archive with your Google Data to your computer.


7. At Data & personalization options, click Delete a service or your account.


8. Then click Delete your account to delete all your Google Data and services.*

* Note: If you want to delete a specific Google service (e.g. Gmail), then click Delete a Google service.

delete gmail account

9.  At the next screen, read carefully what happens when you delete your Google account. Then, if you agree to lose all your Google data and the access to the listed Google services, click the DELETE ACCOUNT button to continue. *

* Attention: The following things will happen, if you delete your Google Account:

1. All your Google Data (Emails, contacts, Google Drive contents, etc.) will be erased.
2. You will not be able to send or receive mail by using the email address associated to the deleted Google Account.
3. You will lose the access to all the Google services that associated to that Google account.
4. If you 're using that Google account (email address), as the recovery email address for an alternative email address, then you will not be able to get access to the alternative email address if needed.
5. If you are using that Google Account to any other service (Bank, Tax office, PayPal, etc.) then you will lose the access to the service.


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