Remove Saved Passwords from Firefox

Mozilla Firefox includes a powerful Password manager to store your credentials (username and password) in every website you need to access.  For that reason, when you try to login to a website for the first time, Firefox asks you if you want to remember or not your credentials for that website. 

At this time you have three (3) available options:


a. Remember Password: By selecting this option, Firefox stores your password for the current website so that the next time you access it, you don’t have to enter your password again.

b. Never Remember Password for This Site: By selecting this option, Firefox doesn’t store the password for the current website.

c. Not Now : By choosing that option, Firefox displays the same asking window (to store your password or not) the next time you access that website.

Storing Passwords in websites you visit is a useful  feature available in all current browsers. But if you share your computer with other users, you don’t want your information to be shared or viewed from others.

If you want to remove stored usernames and passwords from Firefox, then use the steps bellow:

How to remove or manage Firefox Stored Passwords

1. Click on "Firefox" menu button on the top left of Firefox window and go to "Options".


2. In Firefox “Options” window press the “Security” Tab.


3. In “Security” options, press the “Saved Passwords” button.


4. At “Saved Passwords” window:

4a. Select the website that you don’t want Firefox to store your username and password for it and press “Remove”.

4b. After doing this, “Close” Firefox Options and continue working with your browser.

Tip: At “Saved options” window, you also have these options available:

a. “Remove All” : By pressing this button, Firefox removes all stored credentials (username and password) for all websites in the site list.

b.Show Passwords”: By pressing this button, you can view all stored password(s) for all websites you have accessed before.


Advice: To protect your privacy, you must not use the same password for all websites you access and always use strong and complicated passwords.

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