Convert DVD to Avi

Last updated on September 28th, 2013

Many times we want to save our legally owned DVD movies or personal DVD video clips to our hard disk drive to easily watch them later on our computer. In this tutorial we explain how to do this using free software. 


How to convert/save videos from DVD disk to AVI.

Step 1. Download and install AutoGK – Auto Gordian Knot.

AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) is a very simple and powerful tool for making DVD rips. AutoGK installer package contains all the tools needed for converting your DVD's to AVI/DivX/XVid.

1. Navigate to "AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot)" download page and click to "Download AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot)" latest version link.


2. Choose "Run" to immediately start installing the program or choose "Save" for a later installation.


3. Choose 'Yes' at User Account Control (UAC) warning message.


4. Choose "Next" at Auto Gordian Knot setup wizard.


5. Choose "I Agree" to license Agreement window.


6. Leave the default program components to install and press 'Next'


7. Modify the installation program path or simply leave the default values and press "Install".


8. Because Auto Gordian Knot installer program contains many tools needed for DVD ripping, accept to install all the tools prompted for installation. So choose "OK" or "Next" at all installation windows and wait until all installations completed.

Step 2: Rip your DVD to AVI/DivX/XVid.

How to RIP (Convert/save) your DVD videos to AVI/DivX/XVid.

1. First of all you have to put your DVD video disk into your DVD Drive.

2. Then click on "Start" menu and after expanding "Programs" double click to open "Auto GK" utility.


3. In Auto GK main window click the folder icon at the right of "Input file" option to choose the source file for conversion.


4. Now Navigate to your DVD drive letter (commonly D: or E:) and expand its contents until you find and open the "VIDEO_TS" folder.


5. From inside "VIDEO_TS" folder choose the "VTS_01_0.IFO" file and click "Open". *

* If your DVD has many video parts, then the program displays a pop window named "Select PGC", asking you to choose which PGC you want. At this point select the PGC file with the maximum time length to continue.


Now it's time to select where the extracted video will be saved.

6. Click on the "Folder" icon at the right of "Output file" option.


7. Specify the destination folder (e.g. Local Disk C:\) and the filename for the converted DVD video file (e.g. sample.avi) and press "Save".


8. If you own a DVD movie with more than one audio language, then in  "Audio track(s)" options you must specify the Audio language of your choice (e.g. English). Otherwise (if the DVD contains only one language) skip "Audio track(s)" options.


9. "Select output size" options: Here you can select and specify the video quality for the extracted video.

Here we have three options:

i. Predefined size: You can choose how many CD or DVD's in Mb's (Megabytes) the extracted video will be. (e.g. 3CDs)


ii. Custom size: Using this option you can exactly specify the output video file size in Mb's (e.g. 1400 Megabytes).


iii. Target quality: I prefer to use this option because here we can specify the maximum quality (In percentage) for the converted (extracted) video file (e.g. 100 %).

For this example we have put "100" in Target quality settings (for maximum quality).u3gaab1p


10. "Advanced Settings" options are optional and used in cases you want to modify the extracted (converted) video properties.


In Advanced settings you can specify the following:

a. Output resolution settings: Specify the video resolution.

b. Output audio type: Specify the audio type (e.g. AC3 or VBR/CBR Mp3)

c. Codec type: XviD or DivX (if you choose DivX code you must have DivX already installed,

d. Output format: AVI or DIVX

For this example leave the default options and press "OK" to close Advanced Options


11. When you finish specifying your settings, press "Add Job" button to put the video conversion job at AUTO GK program's job queue.


Now you should see your job in "Job queue" and your are ready for your conversion.

12. Finally press "Start" to start DVD to AVI conversion job.


Now you should see in your taskbar a new "tab" named "Virtual DubMod" showing (in percentage – %) the conversion process.

Sit back and wait until the conversion operation is completed.


When the operation is completed, the "Virtual DubMod" tab disappears from your taskbar and you can go to the location you chose to save your AVI video file to find it. (e.g. C:\sample.avi) to watch your video.


That's it!

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