FIX: MSVCR120.dll was not found or MSVCP140.DLL was not found (Solved)

Last updated on October 22nd, 2019

This tutorial contains instructions to fix the "MSVCR120.dll was not found" and the "MSVCP140.DLL was not found" error(s), when you try to run a program in Windows 10, 8 or 7 OS.

Problem in details: When you trying to run an application that needs the Visual Studio you receive the error: "Application.exe – System Error: The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR120.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem".

FIX MSVCR120.DLL - MSVCP140.DLL was not found

How to fix: MSVCR120.dll or MSVCP140.DLL  is Missing/Not Found.

The System Error "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR120.dll is missing" or "MSVCP140.DLL is missing", appears because the Visual Studio 2013 was not installed on the machine. So, if you are getting the above error, proceed and install the "Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013". To do that:

1. Navigate to the below link and click Download.

2. At the next screen check both the vcredist_x64.exe & vcredist_x86.exe checkboxes and click Next.

FIX MSVCR120.DLL was not Found

3. Save the two (2) files on your computer.

4. When the download is completed…

a. Install both the downloaded files ("vcredist_x86.exe" & "vcredist_x64.exe"), if you own 64-bit version of Windows, or

b. Install only the"vcredist_x86.exe" if you own 32-bit Windows version.

FIX: MSVCP140.DLL is Missing - Not Found.

5. When the installation is completed, run your program. The "MSVCR120.dll Was Not Found" or the "MSVCP140.DLL was not found" error(s) should be resolved.

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