How to Deploy a Network Printer via Group Policy in Server 2016.

Last updated on October 24th, 2019

This tutorial contains step by step instructions on how to deploy a TCP/IP network printer on your domain workstations, by using the Group Policy in Active Directory 2016. After following the printer deployment procedure below, you will be able to print directly to the printer's IP Address from all your workstations of your domain.

By deploying a printer via the Group Policy, you will gain time because you do not need to install the printer drivers to each workstation separately and you will make your life easier when managing the printer, because all the changes at the printer settings can be made at one place (on the server's side). Additionally, you will ensure that all the network computers will use the same printer driver and the same printer settings.

How to Setup a Network (TCP/IP) Printer via Group Policy in Active Directory 2016. (Server 2016).

Step 1. Install and Share the Printer that you want to Deploy on Server 2016.

1. First of all install the network printer on Server 2016.* This step in needed, in order all the workstations to get the printer driver(s) from the server when you deploy the printer.

* Notes:
You can install the printer, either on AD server or at any other server that belongs to your domain.
To install a Network Printer (by using it's IP Address) on Server 2016:

a. Navigate to Control Panel -> Device and Printers.
b. in "Device and Printers', click Add Printer.

setup network (TCP/IP) printer

c. Then choose The printer that I want isn't listed.


d. Select Add a printer using a TCP/IP Address or hostname and click Next.


e. At the next screen, type the Printer's IP address and click Next.


f. Then proceed to install the drivers for the printer.


2. When you complete with the printer installation, check the Share this printer box, type a share name for the printer and click Apply. *

* Note: If you have workstations with a 32-bit OS, then click the Additional Drivers button to install the 32-bit printer driver for the x86 workstations.

3. When done, click OK and then proceed to the next step.


Step 2. Deploy the Network Printer on the Domain 2016 Workstations.

1. Open the Server Manager dashboard and from the Tools menu open the Printer Management.


2. At Printer Management go to: Print Servers -> ServerName -> Printers.

3. Right click on the Printer that you want to deploy and select Deploy with Group Policy.

How to Deploy a Network Printer via Group Policy

4. Click the New Group Policy Object icon and create a new GPO for the printer that you want to deploy.


5. Type a name for the new Group Policy Object (e.g. type the name of the printer that you want to deploy) and click OK.


6. At 'Deploy with Group Policy' options, select:

  • The users that the GPO applies to (per user): if you want to install the printer for specific users on your domain, or…
  • The computers that the GPO applies to (per machine), if you want to install the printer to all the users that use the same workstation.

6a. When done, click the Add Button.


7. Then click Apply.


8. Click OK at the message "Printer deployment or removal operation succeeded".


9. Now ensure that the network printer is deployed to your domain:

a. Click the Browse button.
b. Right click at the policy object for the deployed printer and select Edit.


c. At the left pane of the 'Local Group Policy' editor, navigate to:

  • Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Deployed Printers

d. At the right space you should see the status "Deployed" next to the printer.

printer deployment via group policy

10. Finally restart all the workstations to complete the deployment. (to install the printer on the workstations). After restarting the workstations, the deployed printer should be listed at 'Device and Printers' group on every workstation.

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