How to Disable Chrome Flash Player Plugin

Last updated on June 12th, 2017

Flash Player (aka "Shockwave Flash" in Internet Explorer and Firefox), is a free application which is created from Adobe in order to play multimedia content, that was created with Adobe Flash software. On Windows 7, Vista and XP OS, Flash Player was available for download, as an additional software for the operating system and as an extra plugin for every web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome).

 Disable Chrome Flash Player

After Windows 8 (and later Windows versions), the Flash Player comes bundled with the OS (for Internet Explorer and Edge) and Google Chrome already comes with Adobe Flash Player built-in, so users don't have to download the new versions of Flash Player. (Chrome is automatically updated with the new version of Flash Player.

Many times at the past, Adobe Flash Player's code, has been compromised by attackers in order to infect your computer with malicious software and for that reason, many web browser developers will stop to support it (Android and Apple mobile platform already doesn't support Flash Player).

In this tutorial you will find instructions on how to disable Flash Player plugin in Google Chrome browser.

How to Disable Flash Player in Chrome.

Adobe Flash Player is bundled in latest Google Chrome versions and is run under "sandbox", which can help protect you from vulnerabilities.

If your think that your Chrome browser is unstable, or you want to avoid security risks, then you can disable Chrome Flash player plugin, by following the instructions below.

Chrome 56 and prior Versions. *

* Note: To disable flash player in Chrome 57 and later versions, see below.

– To disable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome 56 and prior versions:

1. Open Google Chrome and at the “URL Address Bar”, type: chrome://plugins & press “Enter”.

Disable Flash Player Chrome


2. Click the Disable option under Adobe Flash Player.

uninstall flash player chrome


3. Restart your Chrome browser for changes to take effect.


Chrome 57 and later versions.

After Chrome 57 version, unfortunately Google has removed the ability to disable the Adobe Flash Player plugin, from Plugins settings. *

* If you navigate to chrome://plugins settings, you will realize that the "Disable" option is missing.

block flash player chrome


The only available option that affects Flash Player, after Chrome version 57, is to block the sites from running Flash. To do that:

1. Open Google Chrome and at the “URL Address Bar”, type: chrome://settings/content & press “Enter”.


2. In Content settings, choose Block sites from running Flash.



3. Restart Chrome.

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