How to Go Back to Earlier Build in Windows 10.

Last updated on June 14th, 2017

Windows 10 offers you the option to revert your system to an earlier build, if you face problems after upgrading your system to the latest build. "Builds" in Windows 10, are like the "Service Packs" in previous Windows versions and in fact are major OS revisions. 

In Windows 10 you receive "builds" via Windows Update and these builds contain many fixes and improvements for your installed Windows version. But, sometimes the latest build can cause problems with your computer operation and stability, so Microsoft gives its users the option to go back to the earlier build in a period of 30 days. (e.g. from Windows 10 Build 1607 to Windows 10 Build 1511)

This article contains detailed instructions on how to restore Windows 10 to the previous build.

How to go back to an earlier build in Windows 10.

1. From Start menu choose Settings > Update and security.
2. At Recovery options select the Get Started button under the Go back to an earlier build section.


Go Back to Earlier Build windows 10


3. Choose a reason for going back and press Next.

Go Back to previous Build windows 10


4. Before going to the previous build, give it a chance and check for the latest updates, or choose No, thanks to continue.

restore previous build windows 10


5. Read all the information at the next screen, backup your files if you want to avoid surprises and click Next.

uninstall latest build windows 10


6. If you have changed your password, after installing the latest build, make sure that you remember your old password and press Next.

remove latest build windows 10


7. Finally click Go back to earlier build and wait until the process is completed.

earlier build windows 10


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