How to Disable Junk Email Filter in Outlook Mail (, Office365)

Last updated on November 16th, 2017

All versions of Microsoft Outlook and the Outlook Web App (, Office365), offers the Junk email filter, that helps you to control the unsolicited and malicious messages, by letting you decide which messages or recipients are unwanted. By default and to help the user, the Junk email filter is turned on and moves automatically all the messages that it considers as Junk or Spam to the Junk Email folder.


The Junk email filtering, which is offered in Outlook Web App (, Hotmail, Office365), is a very useful feature to protect you from the unsolicited emails, but sometimes the filtering doesn't work reliably, because it marks – and moves to the "Junk Mail" folder, emails that are legitimate. This results to missing emails, especially if the (formerly "") account is configured as a POP3, in an e-mail client program or on a mobile device.

This tutorial contains instructions to completely disable the Junk Email filter in Outlook Mail (,, Office365).

How to Turn Off Junk Email Filter in Outlook Mail or Office365 Mail (Outlook Web App). & *

* If you 're using Office365 click here.

Unfortunately, if you are using, to manage your emails, there is not an option to turn off the Junk Email filter, but you can bypass the junk filtering by applying a rule, which moves every message delivered to your email address to the inbox folder. To do that:

1. Click the gear icon image on the top right corner and then choose Options.

Disable Junk Email Filter


2. Select Inbox and sweep rules on the left pane.
3. Click at plus icon image to create a new rule.


how to disable junk email filter in Outlook Mail



4. At the "When a message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions" options, select: It was sent or received > Sent to:

turn off junk filtering


5. Then type your email address (e.g. "") in the empty box and press Enter. Then hit OK to save changes.

turn off junk filtering


6. At "Do all the following" options, select: Move, copy or delete > Move the message to folder…

disable junk filter


7. Choose the Inbox folder and click OK.

disable junk filter outlook web app


8. Click OK again, to save the new rule. *

disable junk filter


* If the above "trick" is not working for you, then the only way to solve your problems, is to manually mark the legitimate emails at the "Junk E-Mail" folder, as "Not Junk". To perform this task, navigate to the "Junk-Email" folder, select the trusted email, and from click "Not Junk" at the Outlook Mail menu.
– Additionally, you can manually add the trusted senders addresses at "Safe Senders" at  "Junk email" options.

mark as not junk



Office 365.

If you want to turn off the junk email filter in Office365:

1. Click the gear icon image on the top right corner and then click Mail under "Your Apps Settings" section.
2. At the left pane expand Accounts and select Block or Allow.
3. At the right pane, select Don't move email to my junk Email folder and then click Save. *

WARNING: If you select this option, mail detected as spam by Exchange Online Protection will be delivered to your Inbox. Apply this rule only if you 're missing legitimate mails.

disable junk filter Office365 Mail


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