How to Free Up Disk Space with Disk Cleanup.

Last updated on November 17th, 2019

The Disk Cleanup is a powerful and easy to use tool to remove the useless files and free up disk space on your Windows 7,8 or 10 based computer. The advantage of the disk cleanup utility is that it can remove all the temporary install and upgrade log files, that are created by Windows during upgrading or updating the operating system, plus the files from the previous Windows versions (e.g. the "Windows.Old" folder).

Free Up Disk Space with Disk Cleanup

In this tutorial I'll show you how to reclaim storage space on Windows 10/8/7 OS by using the Disk Cleanup tool.

How to Use Disk Cleanup to Free Up Disk Space in Windows 7/8.1/10.

1. In Windows Explorer right click at "Local Disk disk (C:)" and select Properties.
2. Click the Disk Cleanup button.

disk cleanup

3. At "Disk Cleanup" window, click Clean up system files.

cleanup system files

4. Check the following files to delete and then click OK:

  • Windows Update Cleanup
  • Windows Upgrade log files.
  • Downloaded Program Files.
  • Temporary Internet files.
  • Previous Windows Installations.*
  • Recycle bin
  • Temporary Files
  • Temporary Windows Installation files. **

* Delete the "Previous Windows Installations" files only if Windows is working without problems after updating Windows 10 to its latest version. On the hand hand, definitely delete the "Previous installations" files when having problems to install the latest Windows 10 build. (This option will delete the "$WINDOWS.~BT" and "Windows.old" folders on Windows 10.)

** By checking this option you "ll delete the temporary installation files which are stored at "$WINDOWS.~BT" folder on Windows 7 or 8 OS and the "$WINDOWS.~WS" folder on Windows 10.

gain free space with disk cleanup

5. (Optional) After performing the above procedure and if you want to regain more free storage space, then proceed at More Options tab and remove any programs that you don't use and the oldest system restore points.

clean up system restore - shadow copies

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