How to Use HP Smart Update Manager to Update ProLiant Server.

Last updated on July 5th, 2019

This tutorial contains detailed instructions on how to update your HP ProLiant server using HP Smart Update Manager. Smart Update Manager (SUM) is a product from HP, that helps you to update the firmware and the software on your HP ProLiant server easy, from a web browser based GUI.

How to Update HP ProLiant Server using Smart Update Manager.

1. Download the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP)* according to your HP ProLiant Server model, from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center.

* Note: Smart Update Manager can be downloaded as a standalone application or can be found inside the corresponding Service Pack for your ProLiant server (SPP). At my opinion the better way to update your ProLiant Server is the SPP.

2. When the download is completed mount the .ISO file and explore its contents.

3. Right click at "launch_hpsum.bat" (or at "launch_sum" batch file) and select Run as administrator.

Use HP Smart Update Manager to Update ProLiant Server.

4. The batch file will start the "hpsum_service" on port 63001 and port 63002 (ssl)


5. After that, your browser will open at HP Smart Update Manager address: http://localhost:63001

6. At welcome screen click at Localhost Guided Update.

HP Smart Update Manager

7. Then select the interactive mode and click OK.


8. Now wait for the inventory to be finished. *

* Note: If you 'running the Smart Update Manager (SUM), then probably you 'll receive the following error message:

"Failed to add baseline   C:/Users/Administrator/Downloads/sum810/sum Рis an invalid location. The selected location must have one or more components".

At this case, perform the following actions:

1. Download the "Service Pack for ProLiant" (according your server model).
2. Mount the ISO file and then run the HP Smart Update Manager from there.


9. When the inventory is completed click Next.

HP SUM Smart Update Manager

10. Leave all the default selected applicable components and click Deploy. *

* Note: If the Deploy button is greyed out, then review the selected components and unselect the components that has errors (appears with a Red Dot at 'Ready To Proceed' column)

how to update proliant server

11. When the deployment process is completed, click Reboot.


12. After reboot, run the HP Smart Update Manager again and install all other recommended components and any other component you want.

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