How to Install and Use CCleaner – One of the best free cleaners to optimize Windows.

Last updated on May 23rd, 2017

One of my favorite cleaning and protection programs, is the CCleaner. I use this tool for many years now and I ‘m very pleased with its capabilities. CCleaner helps you to clean your computer from unwanted programs, cookies and temporary files from your Internet browsing and protects your online privacy. Additionally, with CCleaner, you can easily remove the invalid entries in Windows registry and to increase the Windows performance by removing all the unwanted programs from Windows startup.

This is a small tutorial on how to install and use CCleaner to increase Windows performance in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP.

How to Install and Use CCleaner to Optimize Windows Performance.

Part 1.  Download and Install CCleaner

Notice: If you have already installed CCLeaner, then proceed to Part 2: How to use CCleaner

1. First download CCleaner Free.
2. When the download is completed, run the executable file to start the installation of CCleaner.
3. Choose "Run" at the security warning. 



4. Select your preferred language e.g. English and press OK.



5. Press Next at the "Welcome to CCleaner – Setup" screen. 

Install and Use CCleaner


6. Choose "I Agree" at License Agreement screen



7. At the "Install Options" screen I prefer to make only the bare minimum choices and clear the others. So, check only the "Add Desktop Shortcut" & "Add Start Menu Shortcuts" options  and click Next to continue.



8. At the next window, uncheck the additional downloads (e.g. Google Chrome, Google Toolbar) and click Install.



9. When the installation ends, choose Finish to start using the program.


Part 2. How to Increase Windows Performance with CCleaner

Step 1. Remove Useless files with CCleaner

1. Launch CCleaner. *

* Notice: If you have already installed CCleaner, then you can find the program’s shortcut in your desktop or from the installed programs menu (e.g.: Start > Programs > CCleaner.)

2. When CCleaner starts you 'll see the the screen below. To start cleaning the useless files from your system, press the Run Cleaner button at the right bottom side of CCleaner’s program. *

* Note: By default CCleaner erases lot of unwanted files from your computer, but you also have the option to specify which useless files to remove from your system, at Windows and Applications tabs. At this section, I prefer to use the program with its default options, to avoid problems.



3. At the next information window, first choose "Do not show me this message again" and then press OK.



4. The program starts the cleaning procedure and you ‘ll see the following screen:




Step 2. Optimize Windows Registry with CCleaner.

– After removing the useless files from your system, proceed to remove the invalid or missing entries  from the Windows registry . To do that:

1. Select the Registry option from program’s left side and at the right pane, choose Scan for Issues.


2. The program starts the registry scanning procedure.



3. When the registry scan is completed, the program will display the registry problems found. Leave all items checked, and click the Fix selected issues button at right bottom corner.



 4. At the "Do you want to backup changes to the registry?" message choose No



5. Then click Fix All Selected Issues



6. Finally click Close to return to the main CCleaner window.



7. Optional: If you prefer, you can repeat the above procedure, until no registry problem found.


Step 3. Uninstall Unwanted Programs with CCleaner.

With CCleaner you can view and remove easy, any unwanted program from your system. To do that:

1. At the main CCleaner window choose Tools from left side and click the Uninstall button.
2. Select the program that you want to uninstall and click the Run Uninstaller button.*

e.g. if you like to uninstall the "Java 7 Update 9 (64-bit)", then select the program from the list and click "Run Uninstaller" from right side.


Step 4. Remove Unwanted Startup Programs with CCleaner.

One of the most useful features of CCleaner, is that you can easy view and manage the programs that start during Windows startup. By decreasing the number of programs at Windows Startup, you 'll increase the Windows performance dramatically.

1. At the main CCleaner window choose Tools from left side and click the Startup button.
2. Then select the Windows tab.
3. Select the programs that you don't want to run at Windows Startup and click the Disable button. (Or, press the "Delete" button, if you want to completely remove the unwanted program's startup entry). *

* Note: I suggest to Disable the unwanted program instead of removing it. So, if after restarting your computer, you face problems, you 'll able to re-enable it.



4. When finishing with CCleaner, restart your computer to apply the changes made, and then start using your "clean" computer.

That's it!

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