Windows repair disk – Get ready to solve your computer problems when Windows 8, 7 or Vista don't boot.

Last updated on September 28th, 2013

The latest windows versions ships with the feature to create a system repair disc to repair your computer when you cannot boot anymore in Windows. The system repair disc contains recovery options that helps you to repair your computer from serious errors. For that reason it’s important to create a system repair disc when your computer is “healthy” from problems. Keep in mind that you can create a system repair disc only for the operating system version you are using.

It is highly recommended to create a system repair disc for future troubleshooting your system.

To create a system repair disc follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the “System Repair Disc” creator application.

Windows 7 & Vista

How to Create a system repair disc in Windows 7 or Vista.

Press “Start” menu and in “Search” box type “recdisc” and then press “Enter”.


Windows 8

How to Create a system repair disc in Windows 8.

1. Right-click at the screen’s bottom-left corner and from the pop-up menu, choose “Run“.


2. In the Run command box type: “recdisc” and then press “OK”.



Step 2:  Create the system repair disc.

1. When the below window appears on your screen, place a blank CD or DVD on your drive and press “Create disc”.


2. When the CD/DVD creation is complete, take the disk out from your CD/DVD RW drive and then label and store it in a secure place for future use*.

* If you want to learn how to use system repair disk read this post.


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