How to start and use System Restore in Windows XP.

Last updated on November 11th, 2014

Often you need to clean your computer from viruses or malicious programs. Most times, however, this type of programs prevent the user from executing the installed antivirus program in his computer.

 So I decided to write this article with easy steps to prevent malware programs from running at system startup, using the "System Restore" ability provided by the latest versions of Windows. This solution isn't 100% effective but more often helps the user to clean his computer.

How to restore Windows XP to a previous working state.

1. First boot your computer in safe mode.

Info*: Windows safe mode is the mode where windows bypass the normally booting start up procedure and loads only the necessary programs and drivers that are required from Windows to work. This mode allows you to fix many Windows problems.

To get into Windows Safe mode, press the "F8" key as your computer is booting up, before the appearance of Windows logo.

When the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" appears on your screen, use your keyboard arrows keys to move into the Safe Mode option and then press "ENTER"

Windows XP – Advanced Options menu


2. After Windows boot (or after you choose your account name), the system prompts you with a message window asking you to choose if you would like to work in safe mode or to restore your system to a previous state.

Press "No" to restore your system to a previous state and continue.


3. The next window is the "System Restore information Window". Choose "Next"


4. At the next screen choose on the calendar left, a restore point date, prior to the date the problem occurred and press "Next"


5. At the next screen, the system informs you about your selections. Look at them and if they are correct, choose "Next".


6. Then wait until System restore process finishes


7. When the restore procedure finishes, your computer will reboot and an information windows will appear on your screen, informing you about the restoration result.

If the result is successful the message is " Your computer has been successfully restored to…your chosen date restore point ".

Choose "OK" and continue to logon to windows OS system.


8. Now check if you can work in Windows and execute your programs without problems. If everything works fine, you have to do one last, but very important step:

Check your computer for viruses and unwanted programs using your antivirus and antimalware software programs and clean them.

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