FIX: VirtualBox Cannot register the DVD image (Solved)

Last updated on September 16th, 2020

This tutorial contains instructions to fix the VirtualBox error "Cannot register the DVD image 'VBoxGuestAdditions.iso'", after transferring a Virtual Machine to another computer.


Problem in details: VirtualBox VM cannot start with error "Failed to open virtual machine" with the following description in error details: "Cannot register the DVD Image 'VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' because a CD/DVD image 'VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' with UUID ….. already exists"

FIX VirtualBox Cannot register the DVD image

How to FIX: Cannot register the 'VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' DVD image in VirtualBox.

1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the location where the VirtualBox machine's .vbox file is stored. *


* Note: You can find where the .vbox file is located from the first part of the error message. e.g. "Failed to open virtual machine located at C:\Users\Username\VirtualBox VMs\WindowXP\WindowsXP.vbox".

2. Open the .VBOX file in Notepad or any other text editor you want.

3. Mark the line(s) between the <DVDImages> and </DVDImages> section and press Delete. *

* Note: After deleting the lines, this part of the .VBOX file, will look like.


VirtualBox Cannot register the DVD image 'VBoxGuestAdditions.iso'

4. When done, save and close the .VBOX file.
5. Start the Virtual Machine. The error "Cannot register the DVD image 'VBoxGuestAdditions.iso' should be resolved.

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