FIX: Windows 10 Desktop Refresh. (Solved)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2020

A few days ago, one of my customers call me to report the following weird issue on Windows 10: the desktopĀ  is constantly refreshed every few seconds. The "Windows 10 refresh" issue occurs even without open programs, immediately after the user login.


In this tutorial you'll find detailed instructions on how to stop Windows 10 constantly refreshing your desktop and taskbar.

How to FIX Desktop and Taskbar Refresh in Windows 10. *

* Notes:
1. If you face the "Refreshing Desktop and Taskbar" issue after updating Windows 10, proceed and uninstall the latest installed Windows update.
2. Some users report that their desktop screen flickers after installing the latest version of Norton. If you're in a similar case follow the instructions here to fix the issue.

Method 1. Uninstall IDT Audio Codes.

The desktop refresh problem in Windows 10, commonly appears in systems with a IDT Audio sound card. At this case, proceed and uninstall the IDT Audio Codecs from your system.

To uninstall the IDT Audio Codes:

1. In Search box, type control panel
Click at Control Panel result.

control panel

3. Click Uninstall a program.

uninstall a program

4. Select the IDT Audio Codecs and click Uninstall.

Method 2. Disable the Windows Error Reporting Service.

Another cause of the Windows 10 "screen refreshing" problem, is the Windows Error Reporting Service, which is running on the background. To disable it:

1. Simultaneously press the Windows image + R keys to open run command box.
2. In run command box, type: services.msc and press Enter.


3. Right click on Windows Error Reporting Service and click Properties.

FIX: Windows 10 Desktop Constantly Refreshing. (Solved)

4. Change the Startup type to Disabled and click OK.


5. Restart your PC.
6. After rebooting, check if Windows 10 has stopped refreshing your desktop and taskbar. If the problem persists, then continue to method 2 below.

Method 3. Disable Unwanted Startup programs.

Another cause of the continuous desktop and taskbar refreshing in Windows 10, 8 or 7 OS, is a program which running at the background (Windows startup). To disable the programs that not needed to start with Windows:

* Note: In some cases, theĀ  "desktop refresh" Issue on Windows 10, was caused by Adobe Inc's startup programs.

1. Simultaneously press the Windows image + R keys to open run command box.
2. Type msconfig and click OK.


3. At Startup tab:

  • If you own Windows 10 or 8/8.1 OS, click Open Task Manager.

FIX desktop constantly refreshed windows 10

  • If you have Windows 7 OS, uncheck the programs that you don't want to run at Windows startup and click OK. Finally restart your PC.

* Suggestion: I suggest you disable all startup programs and especially ones that come from Adobe Manufacturer.


4. At Task Manger's Startup tab, select the programs that you don't need and click Disable. *


* Suggestion: I suggest you disable all startup programs and especially ones that come from Adobe Manufacturer.


5. When done, close all windows and restart your PC. *

* Note: If after rebooting, the "desktop refreshing" has stopped, then enable one-by-one all the disable startup programs and reboot you PC, until you find out which one causes the "desktop refreshing" problem.

Method 4. FIX Windows corruption errors with DISM & SFC tools.

The next method to resolve the desktop refreshing problem in Windows 10, is to repair the Windows System files. To do that:

1. Open command prompt as administrator. To do that:

1. In the Search box type: cmd or command prompt
2. Right click on the command prompt (result) and select Run as Administrator.

command prompt administrator

2. At the command prompt window, type the following command & press Enter:

  • Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth

dism restore health windows 10 8 7

3. Be patient until DISM repairs component store. When the operation is completed, (you should be informed that the component store corruption was repaired), give this command and press Enter:


sfc scannow windows 10-8

4. When SFC scan is completed, restart your computer.

Method 5. Update, Rollback, or Uninstall Display Drivers.

Another solution to resolve the constantly desktop refreshing on Windows 10, is to download and install the latest drivers for your display adapter (VGA). If the "refresh" problem occurred after updating the graphic drivers, then roll back to the previous driver version. To update or roll back the display drivers:

1. Simultaneously press the Windows image + R keys to open run command box.
2. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.


3. In device manager, expand the Display Controllers.
Right click on the installed Display Adapter* and select Properties.

* Note: If you see here a "Standard Microsoft Display Controller", then download and install from the manufacturer's support website, the latest drivers for the display adapter.


device properties

5. At Driver tab click the appropriate button to Update, Roll back, or Uninstall the Display Drivers. *

* Note: If the Roll Back Driver button is inactive (like in screenshot below), then try to download an older driver version for your display adapter from the VGA manufacturer's support site.

roll back driver

Other methods to fix the screen refreshing problem in Windows 10.

1. Download all available Windows updates.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the following programs:

3. Put (move) all the desktops icons into one folder.

That's it! Which method worked for you?
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