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  1. MLB
    December 6, 2019 @ 4:53 am

    Thanks for the info, the powershell command resolved the issue for me.

    Win 10 v1909


  2. R.v.
    November 15, 2019 @ 9:36 am

    Not here too


    • lakonst
      November 15, 2019 @ 12:13 pm

      Since this is a Microsoft bug, the article has been updated. Follow the instructions at the end of the article to create a shortcut to the VPN connection until Microsoft fixes the issue.


  3. Bill Tiltman
    November 12, 2019 @ 2:52 am

    This made no difference on my PC with Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.418]

    Problem was still the same after running the Powershell command line as administrator


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