How to Use SetupDiag to Diagnose Windows 10 Upgrade Problems.

Last updated on November 14th, 2019

In this tutorial you 'll find detailed instructions on how to use the SetupDiag utility, to diagnose Windows 10 Upgrade problems. The 'SetupDiag; is a free diagnostic tool offered by Microsoft and it can help you to determine the exact reason of the failure of the Windows 10 update.

How to Use SetupDiag to Diagnose Windows 10 Upgrade Problems

Many Windows 10 owners experience problems while upgrading their systems, and in most cases the upgrade error that appears does not help to understand why this happened. To bypass this problem, you can use the 'SetupDiag', a standalone diagnostic tool that can be used to obtain details about why a Windows 10 upgrade was unsuccessful.

How to Diagnose and Resolve Windows 10 Upgrade Problems by using SetupDiag. *

1. Make sure that your Windows 10 computer meets the following requirement before using SetupDiag:

To find out the installed version of Net Framework, give the following command in PowerShell or in Command Prompt:

  • reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Net Framework Setup\NDP\v4" /s

view net framework version

2. Download and save SetupDiag to your PC.*

* Source:

3. When he download is completed double-click at SetupDiag application.

4. A command window will open and SetupDiag will start to diagnose the upgrade problems on your PC by analyzing the log files from the following folders:

  • \$Windows.~bt\sources\panther
  • \$Windows.~bt\Sources\Rollback
  • \Windows\Panther
  • \Windows\Panther\NewOS

setupdiag diagnostic tool

5. When the analysis is completed, you will see the following three (3) new files, on the same location (folder) where you saved (run) the SetupDiag utility (commonly on your 'Downloads' folder):

    1. SetupDiag.exe.config (which is the configuration file)
    2. SetupDiagResults.log (which contains the analysis results).
    3. (which contains the error log files)

6. Open the "SetupDiagResults" log file to find out the cause of the failed upgrade. *

* Note: A detailed analysis of how SetupDiag works and how you can use SetupDiag to analyze the log files from another PC (who fails to upgrade), can be found on the following Microsoft article.

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