How to Create a Distribution List in Office 365.

Last updated on April 29th, 2021

This guide, contains step by step instructions on how to create a distribution list in Office 365. A distribution list, is a group of people that have a global email address, so if you want to send an email to that group, you haven't to type each individual recipient's name.

Distribution lists (or "Distribution Groups") are commonly used by large organizations or companies that have many employees in each department (group), and want to have a unique email address for each of these departments for easy communication. For example, if one company have many people on the sales department, then it can use a distribution list with a global email address (e.g. ""), to communicate with all the people of the sales department.

How to Create a Distribution Group (List) in Microsoft 365.

1. Login to Office 365 Admin center and go to Groups > Add a group.

How to Create a Distribution List in Office 365

2. At Choose a group type options, choose Distribution.

How to Create a Distribution Group in Office 365

3. As a name, type a recognizable name (e.g. "Sales"), and click Next.

Add a Distribution Group in Office 365

4. At Group email address:

a. Type the global email address for the distribution list (e.g. "sales").
b. If you want to receive mail from people outside your organization, select the Allow people outside of my organization to send email to this distribution list.
c. When done, click Next.

Setup Distribution Group in Office 365

5. Click Create Group.

Setup Distribution List in Office 365

6. Now, open the new group and at the Members tab, click View all and Manage Members.

Add Members to a Group in Office 365

7. Click Add members.

Add Member to a Group in Office 365

8. Now select the user(s) who will receive and respond to the emails in the new email alias address and click Save.

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