How to Manual Setup Exchange in Outlook 2016/2019.

Last updated on November 15th, 2020

In previous Outlook versions (Outlook 2007, 2010 & 2013) you have the option to manually setup and configure an Exchange Account. In the latest Outlook versions (2016/2019 or 365) this option is missing (the manual setup is not supported), and many users face problems to setup Outlook with Exchange, especially if needed to specify a URL to connect to a proxy server for Exchange.

In Outlook 2016/2019 or 365, the only way to manually setup an Exchange account is by using a local configuration file in XML format, with all the information needed to connect Outlook to the Exchange server. So, in this tutorial you’ll find detailed instructions on how to configure Outlook 2016/2019 or 365 with Exchange, by using a Local XML file (aka "autodiscover.xml").

How to Manually Configure Exchange in Outlook 2016/2019/365 with Autodiscover.xml.

Before you continue to add the Exchange account in Outlook by using the steps below, make sure that:

1. The user has already access to the company’s email through OWA. (e.g. in address "”).

* Note: Change the “” with your company's domain name or OWA Web Address.

2. The Autodiscover service is configured on the Exchange Server and the Autodiscover URL has been published. To verify that:

a. Navigate and try to login with user’s credentials to one of the following URL’s:


b. If after login, you see a webpage like in the screenshot below, (with 'ErrorCode'=600 and 'Message'= Invalid Request, then the Autodiscovery service is successfully configured.

* Note: If cannot see this webpage, then contact the company's Administrator to find out the AutoDiscover URL address.

How to Manually Configure Exchange Account in Outlook 2013-206-2019


Step 1. Create a Local Autodiscovery XML file.

1. On the root folder of drive C:, create a folder and name it: Autodiscover
Open Notepad and copy-paste the following text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Autodiscover xmlns="">
<Response xmlns="">

3. Change the "RedirectUrl" with your company's Autodiscover URL.


4. Save the file on the "C:\Autodiscover" folder with name: autodiscover.xml




Step 2. Configure Autodiscover in Registry.

1. Open Registry Editor and navigate to the following location:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook

2. Right click on Outlook key and create a New Key with name: AutoDiscover



3. Then select the Autodiscover key and at the right pane create the following values:

  • (REG_SZ) with value: C:\AutoDiscover\autodiscover.xml
  • PreferLocalXML (DWORD) with value: 1

* Note: Replace "" with your company's domain name.



4. Close the Registry Editor.


Step 3. Setup the Exchange Account in Outlook.

1. Open Outlook and from the Account Settings, launch the New E-mail account setup wizard.


2. At the next screen, fill the user's name, email address and password on the corresponding fields and click Next.



3. If everything has gone right, you will be asked to type the user's credentials on the Domain. if so, click More choices, type the DOMAIN USERNAME and PASSWORD and click OK, to add the Exchange Account in Outlook.


That's it!
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