How to Move Google Apps Domain Website to Another Host.

Last updated on February 4th, 2019

In this tutorial you will find detailed instructions on how to redirect/move your Google domain website to another host. This tutorial is written for users that have purchased a domain name, via the G Suite (Google Apps) and they want to use that domain name with a website, which hosted on another hosting provider, outside of Google sites. (Redirect Google Apps Domain Name/Website to another Hosting Provider). *

* Note: Keep in mind that if you redirect your Google Apps Domain outside of Google Sites, but you want to keep the associated mail from Google Apps, then you'll need also to modify the default MX records on cPanel (Host's side), in order to point to Google Mail Services. Detailed instructions on how you can do that, you can find in this tutorial: How to Route your Domain Email to G-Suite (GMAIL)

In this tutorial you learn how to change DNS Nameserver Records of your Google Apps Domain (Site) to another host.

How to Redirect your Google Domain/Website to Another Host.

Step 1. Identify the Registrar for your Google Apps Domain Name.

1. Login to Google Admin Console.
2. At Google Admin page, click Domains.

manage google domain

3. Click Add/Remove domains.

manage google apps domain

4. Click Advanced DNS settings

modify dns google site

5. Finally click Sign in to DNS console and login to your third party registrar (e.g. GoDaddy), with the provided Sign-in name and password.

Move Google Apps Domain Website

Step 2. Change DNS Records (Name Servers) in order to point to the new Host.

1. Sign in to your registrar's (e.g. "GoDaddy") control panel. *

2. Click Domains > My Domains.
3. Click the Settings iconimage and choose Manage DNS.

modify dns google apps domain

4. Scroll Down and at Nameservers section, click Change.

modify dns g suite domain

5. As nameserver type, choose: Custom.

change nameservers google domain

6. Now type the Nameservers of your hosting provider and then click Save.

change nameservers google apps domain website

7. You 're done. Just wait 24-48 hours for changes to take effect. *

* Note: If you want to keep using your current G-Suite GMAIL, as your default email service, then follow the instructions in this tutorial: How to Route your Domain Email to G-Suite (GMAIL)

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