How to Transfer VirtualBox Virtual Machines to Another Host easily.

Last updated on July 8th, 2019

In this tutorial I’ll show to you the easiest way to transfer the VirtualBox's Virtual Machine(s) to another host. The usual way to move a VirtualBox VM to another PC is by using the “Import/Export Appliance” utility that offered in VirtualBox’s ‘File’ menu. But, this method isn’t the fastest, so in this article you’ll learn a different method to move your Virtual Machines to another computer, easily and fast, without having to perform the Import/Export Appliance procedure.

Move/Transfer VirtualBox Virtual Machines to another host

How to Move VirtualBox VMs to Another Computer (Host).

Step 1. Copy the VM Storage Folder from the Old Host to the New Host.

1. Close VirtualBox on the old VirtualBox host computer.
2. Then from the old host computer, copy the entire virtual machine folder (which contains both the .vbox and the .vdi files), to the new VirtualBox host computer.

Step 2. Add the VM Machines to the VirtualBox on the new Host.

1. Install Virtual Box on the new VirtualBox Host PC.
2. Then, from the Machine menu, click Add.

Move VM Machines to Another Computer - VIrtualBox

3. From the Virtual Machine folder, select the .vbox file of the VM machine that you want to add (import), in the new Host and click Open.

 Move VirtualBox VM Machine to New Host

4. That’s it.

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