How To Turn Off Windows 10 Updates Permanently.

Last updated on July 6th, 2018

This tutorial contains detailed instructions to turn off Windows 10 updates permanently. As you may already know, in Windows 10 you cannot prevent the Updates download and installation, by disabling the Windows Update service, because Windows 10 overrides this setting

and forces the service to start and install the updates.

Turn Off Windows 10 Updates


To avoid security risks and Windows problems it is not recommended to disable the Windows 10 update, but in some cases there is the need to do that, especially if you have problems during installing an update to your system or if you face stability issues or other problems after installing an update.

How to Permanently STOP Windows 10 Updates. *

Part 1. How to Permanently Disable Updates in Windows 10 (All Versions).
Part 2. How to Pause Updates in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education version(s). *


* Notice: If you own Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education, then you can pause the Windows update(s) installation for 35 days, by following the instructions at Part-2 below.


Part 1. How to Permanently Disable Updates in Windows 10 (All Versions).

To permanently prevent Windows 10 to install updates, follow the instructions at the next two (2) steps:

Step 1. Disable the Windows Update Service.

1. Simultaneously press the Windows image + R keys to open run command box.
2. In run command box, type: services.msc and press Enter.



3. Right click on Windows Update service and select Properties.

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4. At General tab:

1. Press Stop to stop the Windows Update Service.
2. Set the Startup type to Disabled.



5. Then select the Log On tab.
6. Select This Account and then click Browse.

disable windows 10 updates


7. Type your account name and then click Check Names.

stop windows 10 updates


8. Then click OK.

permanently disable updates windows 10


9. Now type a wrong password (twice), and click Apply.

permanently stop windows 10 updates


10. Then select the Recovery tab and set the computer's response if the service fails to Take No Action. Then, click OK to close the Windows Update Properties.



11. From now on, you will receive the following error message whenever you try to download or install updates: "There were some problems installing updates,but we'll try again later. (0x80070437)
12. Proceed to step-2 below.



prevent windows 10 update




Step 2. Disable Windows Update Tasks.

1. Open Task Scheduler. To do that open Cortana search and type task. Then click to open Task Scheduler.



2. In Task Scheduler (left pane), navigate to the following location:

  • Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Windows Update.

3. Right click at Scheduled Start and click Disable.



4. Then right click at sih and click Disable again.



5. Close Task Scheduler.
6. You 're done! *

* Note: If you change your decision and you want to install the available Windows updates in the future, then just undo the above changes and then reboot your computer.



Part 2. How to Temporarily Pause Updates in Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise or Education version(s).

If you have problems when installing updates in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education version(s), then you can temporarily pause the Update(s) installation for 35 days. To do that:

1. Go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Advanced options –> and set the Pause Updates* option to ON.

pause windows 10 updates


* Note: This option is only available in Windows 10 Version 1709 and later. In previous Windows 10 versions, check the "Defer feature Updates" (or "Defer Upgrades") option to prevent Windows 10 to download and install new updates.

defer updates windows 10


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