How to view hidden files in Windows 7

Last updated on September 29th, 2013

Windows 7 hides some files in your computer to protect them from modification or deletion that can cause problems with the proper computer operation. Most of the hidden files are important for the operating system to work properly and for that reason these files are hidden. But some times there is the need to show hidden files to be able to diagnose operating system's configuration problems or to eliminate a malware.  In this guide, I will present you how to show hidden files in Windows 7.

How to show hidden files in Windows 7

To show hidden files in Windows 7, first close all open programs.

1. Press Start” and click on “Control Panel”.


2. Change the control panel View by: Small Icons.


3. From the control panel items list, double click to open “Folder Options”.


4.  At “View” tab, select the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option and press “OK”.


From now on you will be able to view all hidden files on your computer.


How to display the hidden System files in Windows 7

If you want to modify or view hidden System files on your Windows 7, open “Folder options” settings from your Windows control panel as described above and at  “View” tab“, uncheck the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” option and click “OK”.


Advice: When you finish working with hidden files, then it is better to reset hidden files view settings to their defaults, to avoid accidental system modifications.

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