How to view saved passwords in Firefox.

Last updated on March 24th, 2016

All web browsers have the ability to save the passwords that you type in any web site you login to. So, the next time you enter the same website, you don’t need to re-type your password. This is a very helpful feature for all of us, but often many users, because of this feature, forget their passwords and it’s difficult to remember them in order to login to their favorite websites again.

The safest way to avoid this, is to write down your passwords and store them somewhere safe. But what you can do if you have not done this?

In this article you can find detailed instructions on how you can retrieve stored passwords in Firefox browser.

How to view saved passwords in Firefox.

If you want to see the stored password for a website in Firefox:

1. From Firefox's menu, click on Options.

retrieve stored password firefox


2. Select Security on the left and then click Saved Passwords.

view stored passwords firefox


3. Select the website that you want to view the password and click Show Passwords.

show stored passwords firefox


4. Ask Yes and you 're done!

retrieve stored - saved - passwords firefox


That’s it.

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