Logout from any Facebook session (How to)

Last updated on September 28th, 2013

If another person uses your Facebook account without your permission or if you have been using your friend's smart device (computer, smartphone or tablet) to login to your Facebook account and you forgot to logout from that device, then you can easily logout/close that sessions from any other device by following the steps below: 

How to logout from any Facebook session and protect your privacy.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Account

Go to Facebook webpage (http://www.facebook.com) and login to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Open Facebook Active sessions.

1. To do this press the “Gear” icon  mwl40axz on the top right and choose “Account Settings”.


2. Inside Account Settings options, choose “Security” on the left pane.


3. In Security options, click to “Edit” option in Active Sessions line.


Inside Facebook Active Sessions you can view some very useful information about your account activity:

a. The device name used for each session (If you have already specified one)

b. The time when each session started.

c. The approximate location for each session (e.g. Athens, GR)

d. The internet browser used for each session (e.g. IE, Mozilla, Chrome)

4. To close any of these sessions, just click with your mouse’s left button to “End Activity” option on the corresponding session. close-facebook-session

After doing this, you have successfully closed the unwanted session.

Advice*: If you discover unwanted activity inside “Active Sessions” then – after ending the desired activity- change immediately your Facebook password.

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