How to Rotate Video using VLC Media Player ver 2.1.2

Last updated on January 20th, 2014

In a previous article we described the way to rotate a video with VLC Media player. But in the last days, some of our readers have complained that the final rotated video is doubled and the video quality is pure. So I decided to look further into this problem in order to help them. Unfortunately, I discovered that by using the latest version of VLC Media Player (Ver 2.1.2) to rotate a video (using the procedure described in my previous article), the final rotated video result is problematic (the video is doubled and in a bad quality).

After performing some tests, I finally found that the way to rotate a video using the latest version of VLC Media Player (Ver 2.1.2) has changed and for that reason I decided to write a new tutorial to describe all steps required to rotate your videos in that version. In my opinion in this version ( 2.1.2) the way to rotate your videos is easier and less complicated than before. So, let's start…


How to rotate and save your videos with VLC Media Player Version 2.1.2

Step 1: Download and install VLC Media Player.

1. First download and install the VLC Media Player Version 2.1.2, from here : *

* If you cannot find this version anymore at the first page of website, then you can download the VLC version 2.1.2 from these official links:


Step 2: Rotate your Video to the angle you like.

1. Now open the video that you want to rotate with VLC Media Player.

2. In the VLC Media Player main menu, go "Tools" > "Effects and Filters".


3. In "Adjustments and Effects" window, choose the "Video Effects" tab.


4. In "Video Effects" tab, choose "Geometry".


5. In "Geometry" options:

  • a. Click the "Rotate" box to enable rotation.
  • b.  Then move the rotator (drag with your mouse) to the left (or right) until you specify the angle that you want to rotate your video.
  • c. Press "Close" to exit "Adjustments and Effects" settings.


Example: To rotate a video by 90 degrees Right: move the rotator to the Right at 90 degrees angle.


Now you can view and play your rotated video with VLC Media player (only) in the specified angle. If you would like to save your recent rotated video, then continue to the next step.


Step 3. Save a rotated video to the right angle.

After you have rotated your video to the angle that you want (as described at Step 2), then you can save your rotated video at the specified angle by following the procedure bellow:

1.  From the VLC Media Player main menu, go to "Media" > "Convert / Save".



2. At "Convert/Save" options at "File" tab, choose "Add…" to add the video that you want to rotate.



3. At the "Select file(s)" window, find and select the video(s) that you want to rotate (e.g. "MOV_01" in this example) and press "Open".


4. Then press the drop-down arrow found on the right of "Convert / Save" button & choose "Convert".


5. Now press the "Tools" button image found at the right of  "Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)" profile.


6. In Profile options, choose the "Video Codec" tab.


7. At "Video codec" options, choose "Filters".



8. At "Filters" tab:

  1. Scroll down until you find the "Rotate video filter" and select the checkbox beside it.
  2. Press "Save"



Info – TIP:  If you want to specify the audio quality of your video then:

  1. Press the "Audio codec" tab. vlc-audio-codecs
  2. At Encoding parameters you can choose the audio codec to be used for the video conversion (e.g. "MP3") and/or you can specify a better quality for the final rotated video audio (e.g. "256 kb/s).

At the above example we have specify the "MP3" for audio codec and we set the bitrate to "256 kb/s".



9. After you have edited the profile to be used for the conversion (Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)) you have to give a name for the converted (rotated) video and the destination where the video file will be saved. To do that:

9a. Choose "Browse.



9b. Choose the destination folder (e.g. your "Desktop")  & then type a file name for the converted file (e.g. "MOV_01_Rotated"). Press the "Save" button when finish.



10. Finally press "Start" to start the conversion.



11. Now wait until the conversion process is completed.*

* As "Conversion/Streaming" process is executed, you see the following screen.



12. When the "Conversion/Streaming" process is completed, you have to reset all the settings that you have made in previous steps, before you can play your videos. To do that:

12a. From the main menu go to "Tools" > "Preferences".



12b. Press the "Reset Preferences" button at the bottom side of Preferences window.



12c. Finally close and then re-open again the VLC Media player program for the changes to take effect.

Now you can navigate to the destination where your have specified to save the converted/rotated video (e.g. "MOV_01_Rotated") and from now on you can play it in any media you like at your desired angle.

That's it!

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