Download Facebook Friends' photos, albums or videos that you tagged in

Last updated on March 7th, 2017

In a previous article we explained the way on how to download your uploaded Facebook photos and information from your account using Facebook’s download personal data feature. But what can we do if we want to make a backup copy of photos from our friends or photos where we are tagged in?  This is useful when someone of our friends deactivates (deletes) his or her account from Facebook. In this case all our photos where we are tagged in are lost forever.

During this research we found a lot of utilities out there that perform the same operation. In this article we wrote about the most reliable of them, according to out tests. If you find another reliable application to download Facebook content, feel free to mention it to our visitors.

1. SocialFolders (The Product is discontinued)

2. Pic&Zip

3. PhotoGrabber

How to download Facebook photos, albums and videos, including photos that you are tagged in.

SocialFolders (The Product is discontinued)

Social folders is a desktop application designed for Windows and Mac, and it gives you the ability to download on your computer and then manage or synchronize content (photos, albums or videos) between your accounts on multiple social websites like Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Google Docs, Box, YouTube, Twitter, SmugMug, Instagram, and Picasa .

SocialFolders enables you to sync your social sites with your computer. That means that you will be able to store and manage all the photos, documents and other files that today are spread across multiple online websites.


  • You can download and synchronize uploaded content from and between multiple social networks .
  • You can download all your Facebook photo albums including photos where you are tagged in.
  • You can download all your Facebook friends' photos.
  • Syncs content between your computer and your social accounts easily like using Dropbox.
  • Free


  • Limitation: Doesn’t support multiple accounts connected to the same social service..
  • Requires you to connect with your Facebook account or give your own credentials (Name, e-mail, etc.) to be able to use SocialFolders application.

How to use Social Folders to download and synchronize content between multiple social accounts.

Step 1: Download and install SocialFolders

1. First you must download SocialFolders application from (link removed).

2. Run the SocialFolders install package and follow the install instructions.

socialforlder install

3. Connect with your Facebook account or fill the required information when asked (Name, e-mail, password) and press “Next”.

social folders install

Step 2. Working with SocialFolders

1. After installation right click on the SocialFolders icon in the system tray and choose “Connect to my services” to get started using SocialFolders.

socialfolders connect

2. Connect to the social services that you want to synchronize and after that, you can download and start synchronizing your social life content.



Pic & Zip

Pic&Zip is another great WEB application to download photos, albums or videos from your Facebook account or your Facebook friends to your computer.


  • You can download all your Facebook photo albums, photos where you are tagged in and videos.
  • You can download all your Facebook friends' photo albums, videos or photos where they are tagged in.
  • Free


  • WEB application

How to use Pic&Zip

1. To be able to use Pic&Zip you must navigate to Pic&Zip homepage and after pressing the Login button (on the top), login with your Facebook account credentials.

After that the Pic&Zip Web application opens on your web browser.

2. Look at the left pane and choose which friend’s content you want to download or press the “FIND MY PHOTOS OR VIDEOS” button, to view and download all your Facebook photos including photos where you are tagged in.

3. Then select the content that you want to download (photos, albums or videos) and download it to your computer.



Photograbber is an open source Free desktop application designed for Windows, Mac and Linux that can easily grab and download your photos or photos where you already tagged in from Facebook.

PhotoGrabber has also the ability to download all your friends photos and their albums on your computer.


  • You can download all your Facebook photo albums and photos where you tagged in.
  • You can download all your Facebook friends' photo albums.
  • You can download all your comments and tags.
  • Security: It uses Facebook API (Facebook Platform Policies) to download photos from Facebook.
  • Free and Open


  • Limitation: Cannot download more than 400 tagged photos.

How to use PhotoGrabber to download Facebook photos.

Step 1: Download PhotoGrabber.

1. You can download PhotoGrabber from here.

Choose the appropriate version according your operating system to download (e.g. “Windows”).

Download Facebook Friends' photos

2. Choose "Save" to save the “PhotoGrabber” archive on your computer .

photgrabber zip downlaod

3. When the download operation is completed, go to your download location on your computer and extract the “” archive.

photograbber extract

Step 2. Working with PhotoGrabber.

1. Double click to open “Photograbber” application.


2. Click the “Login” button to login to your Facebook account.



3. Press “Okay” to allow PhotoGrabber application to access your Facebook account.


4. Copy the given token code that PhotoGrabber gives you.


5. Go to “PhotoGrabber” application and  “Paste” the given token code.


6. Select “Next”.


7. Wait until Photograbber logs in to Facebook.



8. Expand “Friends” and choose your username to grab photos from it (e.g. “WinTips”)


9. Then specify the PhotoGrabber download options* and press “Next”.

* PhotoGrabber download options:

a. All tagged photos: Download all the photos where you tagged in.

b. Uploaded albums: Download all your or your friends' photos albums.

c. Full albums of tagged photos: Download the full photo album where you are tagged in.

d. Complete comment/tag data: Download all the comments/tag data from photos.

photograbber options

10. Specify the download location (or leave the default) and press “Finish”.


11. Wait until download process is completed and then navigate to the download location to explore your photos.

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