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  1. CuriousMarc
    July 7, 2023 @ 7:55 am

    Same issue as your first reader. *Don't try method 2 with gmail*! It made all my folders disappear, except for the inbox. Removing "Inbox" from the root did not fix things. Fortunately, before it had time to sync, I deleted my gmail account from Outlook. Then I added it back, and it resynced from the online content, adding the folders it was missing before. Phew.


  2. Michelle
    October 22, 2022 @ 8:04 am

    I just tried this and it made things terrifyingly worse for me!
    Please help me if you can!

    I am using Outlook 365 to view and interact with my Gmail accounts. (I have been doing this for many months now and everything had been working ok for awhile.)

    I had new folders I had created a few days ago in Outlook on my desktop, with lots of emails that I moved into them, but those new folders that I created a few days ago were not showing up as labels in Gmail AND those new folders were not syncing to any of my other computers or devices on Outlook or Gmail. I could see my new folders ONLY in my desktop's Outlook, on the device I used to create them, but no other devices. (Surprisingly, the emails inside those folders could be found in Gmail if I searched by name for each email, but the labels/ folder names I had created did not exist in Gmail AND searching within Gmail by email words seemed to be the only way to find the emails inside these folders on any device other than my desktop Outlook. I do NOT have notes to guide me to search for all the emails that were in those folders to even attempt to retrieve them one by one now.)

    I tried your suggestion of typing "Inbox" into the root path section of Outlook and the result was disastrous. Now the folders that were previously visible on my desktop Outlook but not showing up on other devices are now suddenly ALSO GONE from my Outlook desktop too! My Outlook account now believes that I have never sent an email (my send folder is empty) and the emails that were in the folders on my Outlook desktop that were not syncing but were visible on my desktop, no longer exist inside my desktop's Outlook at all, even if I search for them individually for the one's I know the words to search for! The emails themselves are still disguised in gmail, not in labeled folders or the inbox, and ONLY findable if I search for names that I happen to remember, but I only remember the names to search by email for a few emails out of 50 or more, and the folder on my desktop Outlook where I could see them before is gone since I tried your repair.

    I manage a business, this is our busy season, and I am now becoming nauseous from the horror of the losses that this fix attempt caused!

    If you know what went wrong, why your fix deleted my emails from Outlook, and how to fix this, please advise.


    • lakonst
      October 22, 2022 @ 1:24 pm

      First of all you applied a fix that doesn't apply to your situation. The fix applies only if the folders exists on server (e.g. you see the folders in GMAIL) but not in Outlook (not the reverse as in your case).
      Secondly, have you tried to undo what you did? (remove the "Inbox" folder from the "root folder path?


  3. Jeff
    October 1, 2022 @ 9:07 am

    Hey thank you so much for this!!!! I setup a new IMAP account on my existing outlook and inexplicably had no sent folder. Spent an entire day of extreme frustration trying to sort it out and eventually found this and Method 2 ( typing 'inbox' in the root folder) solved the problem. All the folders just suddenly appeared like nothing was ever wrong!


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