FIX: IMAP folders Not Showing in Outlook Pane. (Solved)

Last updated on April 19th, 2021

If you have setup IMAP account in Outlook and several IMAP folders not showing in Outlook pane, then continue below to fix the problem. When you 're using Outlook to access your IMAP account, Outlook should display all the IMAP folders in the navigation pane. If you cannot see all your IMAP folders on the folder pane, then continue reading below.

How to FIX: IMAP folders Missing (Not Visible) in Outlook's Navigation Pane.

Method 1: Choose which IMAP account folders appear in Outlook.

The first method to resolve the "IMAP folders not appearing in folder pane" issue in Outlook, is to subscribe all the IMAP folders that you want to appear on the navigation pane. To do that:

1. In Navigation pane, right-click on the IMAP account and select IMAP folders.

FIX IMAP folders Not Showing in Outlook

2. Then click Query to display a list of all the IMAP folders on the mail server.

FIX: IMAP folders are Not Visible in Navigation Pane

3. Now select the IMAP folders that doesn't appear on the navigation pane, and click Subscribe. Repeat the procedure from any other folder that you want to appear on the navigation pane. To select multiple folders, hold down the CTRL key as you click the folder's name.

4. When done, click OK.

Choose which IMAP account folders appear in Outlook

5. Finally right click, to the IMAP account and select Update folder list to apply the change.

FIX: IMAP folders not appearing in outlook

6. Now, check if all the IMAP folder are appearing in Outlook and if the problem persists, continue to the next method.

Method 2: Specify the IMAP root folder path.

If not all IMAP folders are displayed in Outlook, proceed and specify the 'Rot folder path' for your IMAP account. To do that:

1. From the Outlook File menu click Account Settings -> Account Settings.

Outlook Account Settings

2. Highlight the IMAP account and click Change.

IMAP Acount - Change

3. If the 'Root folder path' is empty, type the word "Inbox" and then click Next and Finish to apply the change.

Specify the IMAP root folder path

4. Close and restart Outlook to re-sync your IMAP account.

Method 3. Disable the Antivirus Integration in Outlook.

The final method, to resolve the "Not All IMAP folders showing in Outlook" issue, is to disable the Antivirus integration with the Outlook program, or try to completely uninstall the Antivirus software from your PC and if the problem is solved, then download and re-install the latest version of your AV program. *

* Additional help: If the IMAP folders not showing, after copying or after importing messages from an existing IMAP account or from a Outlook PST data file, then follow the instructions this tutorial: FIX: Imported or Copied Email Messages on IMAP are Missing.


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