FIX: SYSTEM PTE MISUSE Blue Screen Error on Windows 10 Installation (Solved)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2018

The following blue screen error appears when trying to install the Windows 10 v1709 (or the v1803) on a HP Pavilion 15-ab103nv notebook with the AMD Quad-Core A10-8780P processor: "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. Stop Code: SYSTEM PTE MISUSE". 



In this tutorial you 'll find instructions on how to resolve the "SYSTEM PTE MISUSE" blue screen error when installing Windows 10.

How to fix BSOD "SYSTEM PTE MISUSE" on Windows 10 Installation.

Method 1. Disable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in BIOS.

1. Power ON your Laptop and enter BIOS Setup.

2. Inside BIOS settings, find and set the TPM to Hidden or Disabled. *

* The TPM EMBEDDED SECURITY settings, commonly can be found at Security options in BIOS.

fix SYSTEM PTE MISUSE windows 10

3. Save settings and Exit from BIOS Setup.

4. Install Windows 10. If you receive the  "SYSTEM PTE MISUSE" error again, then proceed to update your BIOS.


Method 2. Update BIOS to Resolve the "SYSTEM PTE MISUSE"  BSOD.

1. Navigate to laptop's manufacturer support page.
2. Download the latest BIOS version on your desktop.*

* Note: If you 're own the HP Pavilion 15-ab103nv notebook, download the updated BIOS from here. Then double click to run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to update the BIOS.

3. Use the downloaded file to update the BIOS.*

* Note: Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions on how to update the BIOS.

4. After BIOS update, try to install Windows 10 again. If the problem persists, then:

5. Enter BIOS Setup again and set the Boot Configuration to Legacy only. (Disable UEFI).

6. From another computer, download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft and burn the ISO file to a DVD or create a bootable USB Media for MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI-CSM using the RUFUS utility.

7. Boot from the DVD (or the USB) installation media you created and Install Windows 10.

8. After installation proceed and install all available updates.

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