How to add the Quick Launch bar in Windows 8 & Windows 7 OS

Last updated on December 2nd, 2013

In Windows 7 & Windows 8 operating systems, the “Quick Launch” toolbar is missing by default from the Taskbar. This tutorial will show you the way to display (add) the “Quick Launch” toolbar on your taskbar on these operating systems. 

Keep in mind that, by using this procedure, you may also display the “Show Desktop” icon on your taskbar.*

* Notice : On Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, the “Show Desktop” function is found at the lower right end of the taskbar (at the blank area to the right of the clock/date).

How to display the Quick Launch toolbar & Show Desktop icon on Windows 8 & 7

Step 1: Enable “Hidden Files” view.

1. Navigate to your Windows Control Panel and open “Folder options”.

2. In the “View” tab, enable the "Show hidden files folders and drives" option.

Notice:  Detailed instructions on how to enable hidden files view can be found on the links bellow:


Step 2: Add the “Quick Launch” toolbar to your taskbar (Windows 8 & Windows 7)

1. Go to your Desktop and press the “Right-click” key on your mouse over an empty space on your Taskbar.

2. From the menu appears choose “Toolbars” > “New toolbar”.


3. Navigate to the following path: “C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer” and select the “Quick Launch” folder.


From now on, you should have the “Quick Launch” toolbar on your taskbar and the “Show Desktop” icon included with it..



Additional tips to make your life easy:

Tip 1:  Move the “Quick Launch” toolbar to anywhere you want on the taskbar.

1. Right click on an empty space on the taskbar and click to uncheck the “Lock the taskbar” option.


2. Then put your mouse over the dotted lines (until you see your mouse arrow as a double arrow) and drag them to any place you want (e.g. on the left of your taskbar).



3. Finally, perform the same operation, but this time drag to the left the dotted lines found at the left of pinned Apps.



Tip 2: Remove the displayed text & title from the “Quick Launch” toolbar.

With the “Taskbar” unlocked , right click on an empty space at “Quick Launch” toolbar and from the menu appears, click to  uncheck the “Show Text” and “Show Title” options.



When finished, right-click on an empty taskbar space again and click to “Lock the taskbar”.


You ‘re done!



Tip 3: Customize “Quick Launch” toolbar programs.

To add a program to “Quick Launch” bar, select the program with your mouse’s left key and without leaving the key drag and drop the program to “Quick Launch” toolbar.

add program to quick launch


To remove a program from the “Quick Launch” bar right-click on the program’s icon and select “Delete”.


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