How to transfer your Windows Phone contacts to an Android Phone

Last updated on November 10th, 2018

One of my customers asked me today to transfer his contacts from his old Windows Phone to his new Android one. So this tutorial is written for all users that want to migrate all contacts from their Windows Phone to their new Android Phone. The method described here is very simple and can be followed by everyone. 

Before you continue to follow these steps, make sure that you already have a Microsoft Account (Windows Live, Hotmail, Outlook) account and you have setup (Add) that account on your Windows Phone. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, then you can create a new one here: Sign-Up Microsoft Account.

The next thing that is required to transfer your contacts from your Windows Phone device to your Android phone (by using this method) is to have a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account you can easily create one here (it’s free): Create Google Account.

How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android

From your Windows Phone, sign-in to your Windows Live ID (Hotmail) account (if you haven't already done that) and sync your Windows phone with Hotmail.

Info: When you are syncing your Windows phone with your Windows Live (or Hotmail) account, then you also sync all your contacts from your phone to that account and vice versa. So if you open your Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) from any computer or mobile device and navigate to your contacts page, you can find all your Windows Phone contacts also stored online on the Windows Live mail (Hotmail).

So let’s start:

Step 1: Export Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts.

After you sync your Microsoft account with your Windows Phone, go to your computer to export and save all contacts from  your Microsoft Account to a single (”CSV” – “Comma Separated Values”) file. To do that:

1. Sign-In to your Windows Live (Hotmail) account using a desktop computer: Windows Live (Hotmail) Login Page



2. While on the main window, press the drop-down arrow next to “Outlook” and choose “People”.



3. In “People” page, select “Manage” and choose “Export”.

export wlm contacts

4. Now press “Save” to store the exported contacts file “WLMContacts.csv” on your computer (e.g. on your Desktop). *

  • Important:  DO NOT OPEN the CSV file with Excel.

save windows live contacts

5. Close Windows Live Mail.


Step 2: Transfer Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts to your Google Account.

Now you have to transfer your Windows Live (Hotmail) contacts to your Google Account. To do that:

1. Sign-In to your Gmail account using a desktop computer.



2.  In the main Gmail window, press the drop-down arrow next to “Gmail” and choose “Contacts”. *




* Note: In the new GMAIL, click the Google Apps shortcut at the top right and select Contacts. (If you don't see the "Contacts" in the list, then click "More" at the bottom).


3. In Contacts page, press “More” menu and select “Import”. *



* Note: In new GMAIL, the 'More" option can be found at the left pane.

4. Now press the “Choose File” button.

import csv file

5. Navigate to the location where you saved the Windows Live Contacts file (WLMContacts.csv) in the  previous step and “Open” it.


6. Finally, press the “Import” button and wait until the import process is completed.



Close Gmail and sync your Android phone with your Gmail Account.

How to Sync Google Contacts to your Android phone.

1. On the Android phone, go to “Settings” > “Accounts and Sync.

2. Under “Manage Accounts”,  select (or “Add”) the Google account you used to import WLM contacts.

3. Finally press “Sync Contacts”.


You ‘re done!

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