How to use Boot UI Tuner to enable Advanced Options Menu in Windows 8

Last updated on September 28th, 2013

In a previous article, we explain how to enter in Windows 8 Safe mode, from the new GUI Windows interface or with an executing command. In this tutorial we are doing the same job, using a freeware and portable application called "Boot UI Tuner" provided by WinAero.

The advantage of using "Boot UI Tuner" is that your computer starts with Advanced boot menu options in every restart (until your troubleshooting finishes), without having to boot into Windows every time to activate them.

Download and Using Boot UI Tuner.

1. Download "Boot UI Tuner" application from here.


2. Choose to "Save" the "" file.


3. When downloading is completed, choose "Open folder".


4. Right click on "BootUITuner" file and choose "Extract All".


5. Leave the default options for extraction and choose "Extract".


After extraction is completed, you see on the screen two extracted folders.

Windows 8 x64 : contains the program version for 64Bit operating systems.

Windows 8 x86 : contains the program version for 32Bit operating systems.


6. Open the corresponding folder, according your operating system version, and double click to open "bootuituner" application.


7. At "Windows protected your PC" security warning, press "More info".


8. At the next screen, choose "Run anyway".


9. In the next security warning, choose "Yes".


10. In the Boot UI Tuner options window, check "Enable advanced options of boot menu".


11. Close the program and restart your computer.

When your computer is restarted, the advanced options menu appears on your screen.

From here you can choose any option you want to troubleshoot your operating system*.


Notice*: If you press the "F10" key in the above screen, then you will be able to launch the recovery environment to recover your computer in a previous state.


12. When you finish with troubleshooting, run the "BootUITuner" application again, and choose "Defaults" to reset its settings to their default values.




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