How to fix "Msvcr80.dll is Missing or Not Found" iTunes error

Last updated on April 24th, 2014

On a customer’s computer, after an iTunes automatic update, the following error was displayed on his screen when he tried to open iTunes:  “This application has failed to start because MSVCR80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”. After some research, we found that the only working solution to resolve this error was to completely remove and then re-install all Apple software in the computer. In fact, the following solution also applies to the following symptoms/errors:

  • APSDaemon.exe fails to start because MSVCR80.dll not found
  • Cannot update or re-install Apple ITunes software because you haven’t Administrative privileges.
  • Your IOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) cannot be recognized by the system.

If you want to resolve the “Msvcr80.dll is Missing – Not Found” error, then read the rest of this article.



How to solve “Msvcr80.dll”, “APSDaemon.exe” and similar ITunes errors.

Step 1: Uninstall all Apple Software from your computer.

First of all remove all installed Apple software from your computer. Keep in mind that the uninstall process will preserve your iTunes library and IOS device(s) backups(s).

1. To uninstall Apple software, go to:

  • Windows 8/7/Vista: Start > Control Panel.
  • Windows XP: Start > Settings > Control Panel


2. Double click to open

  •  Add or Remove Programs if you have Windows XP
  • Programs and Features if you have Windows 8, 7 or Vista.


3. In the program list, find and Remove (Uninstall) the following programs in the listed order and then reboot your computer:

  1. iTunes
  2. Apple Software Update
  3. Apple Mobile Device Support
  4. iCloud (If it exists)
  5. MobileMe (If it exists)
  6. Bonjour
  7. Apple Application Support



Step 2: Delete all Apple program folders.

Then you have to delete all Apple program folders. To do that:

1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to “C:\Program Files”.

Note*: At 64bit OS navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)” folder.

1a. Under “C:\Program Files” find and delete these folders:

  1. Bonjour
  2. iPod
  3. iTunes

2.  Open the  “C:\Program Files\Common Files” folder

Note*: At 64bit OS open this folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files”.

2a. Find and delete the following folder:

  1. Apple

Step 3. Remove invalid registry entries with CCleaner.

1. Download and run CCleaner.

2. Choose "Registry" from the left pane and click “Scan for Issues”.


3. When the registry scanning procedure is completed, press the “Fix Selected Issues” button.


4a. At the next window, choose "No".



4b. Then select "Fix All Selected Issues"


4c. Choose "Close" to return to CCleaner main window.


5. Close CCleaner and reboot your computer.


Step 4. Install iTunes on your computer again.

1. Go to iTunes download page and download the latest iTunes setup package.


2. Save the “iTunesSetup” package to your computer. (e.g. your Desktop”).


3. When the download is completed, navigate to the download location and install iTunes with administrative privileges. To do that, right-click at the “iTunes-Setup” package and select “Run as administrator”.


Additional information to similar ITunes problems can be found here: Troubleshooting issues with iTunes and Windows updates.

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