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Konstantinos Tsoukalas

Konstantinos is the founder and administrator of Since 1995 he works and provides IT support as a computer and network expert to individuals and large companies. He is specialized in solving problems related to Windows or other Microsoft products (Windows Server, Office, Microsoft 365, etc.).


  1. nrms
    October 31, 2023 @ 8:03 pm

    One more question: Can i leave the AppReadiness service deactivated? What is it for?


    • Konstantinos Tsoukalas
      November 12, 2023 @ 11:44 am

      Yes, you can keep it disabled or set its "Startup type" to "Manual". The AppReadiness service only needed when a new user sign-in to Windows for first time or when adding new apps from Store.


  2. nrms
    October 31, 2023 @ 8:01 pm

    Solution 3 worked for me as well (Windows 10). Thank ypu so much for the helpful website!


  3. Thomas
    August 16, 2023 @ 8:47 am

    Sharing my experience here, might help someone out there.

    For me it worked after creating a new windows user (solution 6), however not exactly as described here. After logging onto the newly created user's account, windows said it was setting up the new user. This took a longer than it should have (windows also displayed a 'this is taking longer than expected' message), so I got up and did something else.

    When I returned, the new user was setup, however I still had the same issue. Now I logged out of the newly created user, and logged back on my usual account, and it seemed to be fixed.

    After restarted the computer again, I now noticed that windows gave me the usual 'lets finish your setup' prompt I get every few months. I suspect that something went wrong in displaying this message?

    Anyways, it's fixed now, hope this might help someone else out there.


  4. Jan
    July 12, 2023 @ 9:03 pm

    Thanks a lot, easy solution No. 1 worked for me. (I tryed that before but without disconnecting everything, and that didn't work)


  5. Jimmy Gaudette
    May 19, 2023 @ 4:45 pm

    Before doing a reset or in-place upgrade there is one more thing to try.

    My boot drive was a nvme m.2 that was on a PCI card. The drive volume order was altered and it was no longer my C: drive. Windows could not find what it needed and none of the options would work for me.

    In advanced repair options I selected command prompt. This brought me to an x: drive. I went to my c: drive and I saw it was not my usual c: drive.

    To fix I used the command diskpart.
    once in diskpart I used 'list volume' to identify where my usual c: drive was and what was currently assigned to my c: drive.

    I selected the volume assigned to c with "select volume 'x'" the x being the drive listed from step one. Then I reassigned it to its proper place with "assign letter U" (u is where it should be on my system"

    Then I did a "select volume 'x'" where x is the volume that should be my c: drive.
    Then "assign letter C" and finally "exit"

    I typed c: and it took me to the correct drive. I exited out of the command shell and I rebooted.

    It took about 10 minutes to startup but it finally did bring me to a login window and i didnt have weeks of rebuilding.


  6. Abdallah Ahmed
    July 26, 2022 @ 7:55 am

    All What I Wanna Say, Thanks For The Responsible to save my files, i was about to lose my school files, thanksssss❤️❤️❤️❤️


  7. Komolafe Tobi
    June 21, 2022 @ 6:56 pm

    This is not at all helpful, my screen is not displaying anything but the cursor on a black screen, I cannot see anything when I use any of the task manager solutions listed above.
    The screen is unresponsive to any keyboard input


  8. ententen
    May 22, 2022 @ 1:35 am

    I have the same issue. After logging-in, it turns black & curser only.
    I tried many ways to launch Task manager but all of them doesn’t work
    1. ALT + CTRL + Del
    2. Up down arrow couple times, enter
    3. Shift + B


    • lakonst
      May 24, 2022 @ 11:26 am

      Have you tried all solutions mentioned on the article?


    • James
      October 15, 2023 @ 7:28 am

      Have u figured it out?


      • Konstantinos Tsoukalas
        November 12, 2023 @ 12:01 pm

        Perform the following:
        1. Power on your PC and press and hold down the Power button when you see the Windows Logo to turn off your PC.
        2. Power On you PC again and press and hold down the Power button to turn of the PC again.
        3. Leave Windows to enter in Automatic Repair screen and click Advanced Options > Troubleshoot > Advanced > Startup settings.
        4. At "Startup Settings" screen, press F4 (or "4") to Enable Safe Mode.
        5. In Safe Mode, disable the "App Readiness' service (see Solution 3 above).
        6. Restart your PC.


  9. Atanu das
    April 4, 2022 @ 5:46 am

    Thank U very much from the core of my heart solution 3 worked like a charm for me I had tried a lot of tricks before but this was my solution….


  10. Albert
    February 6, 2022 @ 4:07 am

    Thank You! the CTRL ALT Delete and Task Manager worked for me


  11. Terry
    June 30, 2020 @ 10:10 pm

    Solution 1 worked for me. Thank you very much.


  12. Peter Rigg
    October 6, 2019 @ 3:38 pm

    Solution 4 worked after deleting ASUS HID Access Service. Very time consuming but worth it in the end, Many Thanks.


  13. Rizki
    September 25, 2019 @ 7:39 am

    Solution 3 worked.. thanks


  14. Gal
    September 1, 2019 @ 8:48 pm

    OMG you saved me. Besides gaming Im also working in my pc and you are my hero. Thanks alot solution 2 worked for me


  15. Matt
    July 28, 2019 @ 3:54 am

    Solution 3 fixed it 100%. I've tried everything. Thanks.


  16. Sergio
    March 13, 2019 @ 1:12 am

    Really useful, thanks. Added to bookmarks.


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